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Final Members Exhibit Guidelines


Artists’ Resume Binder

Each artist entering an all-members exhibit may submit a one-page biography for inclusion in an artists’ Resume Binder to be displayed at the exhibit.

Award Plaques

Plaques describing the name of each award, the name of its recipient and the name of the entry shall be attached to the wall next to the award-winning entry after the awards ceremony.


The juror, before any other selection, shall choose the Best of Exhibition Award from the general membership entries.  The juror shall then select the Special Fukuhara and Zornes Awards, from the general membership entries.  The Fukuhara Award and Zornes Award are to be chosen by the juror in the spirit of those respective artists based on a written essay prepared by MVAL and given to the juror prior to jury day.  The President’s Award to be selected by the MVAL President from general membership entries and not the Honor Court entries, after all special awards have been chosen and before the general category winners have been chosen by the juror.  General category awards shall be chosen from general membership entries in each of the entry categories, the number of which shall be determined by the Third Vice President based on the relative number of entries in each category.  Entries, which receive special awards, are not eligible to receive general category awards.


Sequence of Award Selections

1.  Juror to select the Best of Exhibition winner from the General Member submissions.

2.  Juror to select Special Awards winners from the General Member submissions. Winners to be selected from artwork painted in the spirit of Henry Fukuhara and Milford Zornes.

      a.  Fukuhara Award

      b.  Zornes Award

3.  President to select President’s Award winner from the General Member submissions prior to the remaining award selections.

4.  Juror to select the winner for the Soroptimist Award. Award to be given to a Woman.

5.  Juror to select the Category Award winners from the General Member submissions.

6.  Juror to select the Honor Court Award winners.  There are no special or category award considerations for the Honor Court.


A commission on the sale of paintings in the exhibition may be required at the discretion of the Board of Directors with consideration of commission requirements by the venue, if any, and if a commission is required, the amount shall appear in the prospectus.


All MVAL members whose dues are current at the time of entry are eligible to participate in members-only MVAL exhibit.  All entries shall be the original work of the member and shall have been painted no earlier than three years before entry.  No copies, computer art or photography will be accepted for judging in the members-only exhibit.

Entries, Quantity and Categories

Each member shall be entitled to enter no more than the number of entries permitted for that exhibition as stated in the prospectus.

There are no entry categories for Honor Court entries.  The categories for general membership entries shall be as follows:

Abstract:  Paintings, which use a visual language of form, line, color, texture to create a composition, which may be found in nature or other visual references. The art is more of a departure from reality and can be considered more interpretive or impressionistic.

Animal:  Paintings the main subject of which is one or more animals.

Floral/Still life:  Paintings the main subject of which are flowers and/or other inanimate objects such as food, dishes or fruit.

Genre:  Paintings the main subject of which features people in scenes from everyday life.

Landscape:  Paintings the main subject of which is an outdoor nature scene.

Non-Objective:  Paintings, which do not portray figures, objects or scenes from the natural world.  The work is not particularly recognizable.

Portraits/Figure:  Paintings the main subject of which is human figures or heads.

Seascape:  Paintings the main subject of which is an outdoor scene including the ocean.

Structural-Mechanical:  Paintings the main subject of which is buildings, Cityscape and/or equipment.

The submitting artist shall decide the category in which a painting shall be entered.  If fewer than 7 entries are received in any category, that category may be combined with another category.  Each of the above categories (as combined, if applicable) shall be awarded general category awards (as described below).

Entry Display Tags

Entry display tags shall be prepared to label each entry and shall include the artist’s name, the name of the entry, category, media and price with consideration being given to venue requirements and restrictions.


All entry fees shall be paid in full at the time of entry.   Late fees as specified in the Prospectus may be waived at the discretion of the Third Vice President.

Framing and Matting Requirements

All paintings shall be properly framed and wired for hanging and shall comply with the standards required by the gallery in which they are to hang.  Paintings (actual art work) shall not exceed 48” in any direction, excluding the frame.  Mats and frames shall be proportional to the art piece.  If a cover is used, only Plexiglas is permitted (no glass). Paintings submitted on gallery wrapped canvas do not need to be framed (no staples showing). Paintings need to be dry to be acceptable for public exhibition. Non-compliant entries may be rejected.

Honor Court

Entries submitted by members of the MVAL Honor Court shall be juried and awarded prizes separately from the general membership.  Awards shall be given for First through Fourth Place and, optionally, Honorable Mention.  Honor Court members shall not be eligible for general category awards or the President’s Award.

Criteria:  Members of the MVAL Honor Court shall be determined in two ways: (1) any MVAL member who has twice been awarded “Best of Exhibition” in a MVAL Anniversary Members Exhibit shall thereafter be a member of the MVAL Honor Court, and (2) a Selection Committee, formed annually, consisting of the three immediate past presidents of MVAL, shall create a list of MVAL members who, in recognition of their status of a professional recognized artist shall be awarded membership in the MVAL Honor Court and shall thereafter be a member of the Honor Court.  The criteria to be used by the Selection Committee for determining a member’s status of a professional recognized artist shall include publication of their work, signature membership in other art organizations, service as a juror in art exhibitions and teaching experience.


Only the juror, the President, the Third Vice President and as few helpers as possible shall be present during the jurying process.  No discussion about any submitting artist shall be permitted.



The media used to create the entry shall be listed on the entry form.

Prospectus/Entry Form

The rules as written in the prospectus/entry form for the exhibit as well as these guidelines shall govern the operation of the exhibit.  The prospectus/entry form for each all-members exhibition shall be printed in each of the three Art & the Artists published prior to the entry deadline for that exhibition.  Guidelines for all-member exhibitions may be changed from time to time by decision of the Board of Directors and shall be printed in the MVAL Directory.


Announcements of all-members exhibitions shall be sent to several local newspapers by the MVAL Publicity Chairman.

Rules Infractions

Violation of exhibit rules as stated in the prospectus or these guidelines shall be grounds for non-participation or removal from the all-members exhibition.

Exhibition Card

The image of the painting chosen as Best of Exhibition in the preceding year’s all-member exhibition shall be used for the current exhibition postcard.

Take-In and Pick-Up of Entries

Arrangements may be made to enlist the help of transporters to receive paintings at a designated take-in location to be transported to the venue by the transporters at the discretion of the Third Vice President, especially if the venue is a long distance from the general meeting location.  Optimally, pick-up of entries shall take place the day after the close of the exhibition, if possible.

Venue Maps

Maps giving directions to the venue may be created and distributed by the Third Vice President if deemed necessary.

Waiver of Liability

By entry in an exhibition, the entrant releases, waives, discharges and covenants not to sue Mid-Valley Arts League, Inc., its directors, officers, employees and agents (“releases”) from all liability to the entrant, his personal representatives, assigns, heirs and next of kin for any loss or damage and any claim or demands therefor on account of injury to the person or property of the entrant, whether caused by the negligence of the release(s) or otherwise.  A waiver clause shall be included in the registration form portion of the prospectus and shall be signed by each entrant to the exhibition.